Who are your clients?

My clients are busy, stressed professionals who like to maximise their full potential at work and at home and who are ready to make a change.

They struggle with low energy and high stress levels, and other associated health issues.

Are your programmes tailored for my needs?

It’s not about a “one size fits all” solution. It’s about tailoring a bespoke program that works for you and your health issues.

My programmes will work for anyone who really wants to commit to changing their life and trying new things. If you really want to change the way you are you should be open to trying new things and forming new habits.

I have tried lots of diets before. Does this really work?

I never use the word diet this is about changing your eating habits for life. I will develop a bespoke food and lifestyle plan for your specific needs. So you can discover and re-discover delicious food and to help you to achieve optimal health.

I will provide you with ongoing support throughout the programme to make sure you stay on track.
You need invest in yourself and commit to the programme as well to make it work.

If I’m not sure I’m ready to get started, how can I sample work to see if this is the right solution for me?

You can follow me on FaceBook where I put a lot of content about the way I work and my own journey.
You can also sign up to my weekly newsletter to receive information weekly in your inbox.
Alternatively, you can sign up for a FREE 30min “Health and Energy” one to one assessment either face to face or via Skype.

If you have any question either email me or call me to see how I can help you to achieve your health goals.

How quickly can I expect results?

Most of my clients report dramatic changes with less bloating and more energy within 2 weeks.

It’s important that you are ready to invest in yourself and that you are committed to make changes to your food and lifestyle habits.

Also, once you start to notice health improvements you will feel dedicated to follow the recommendations.

It sounds great but I don’t have time?

If you see this as a priority you will make time but I will also support and help you to plan for your changes.

Everyone’s time poor, which is partly why we end up with poor eating habits. I conduct most of my consultations either at your office or via Skype to make it more accessible.

Where do you see your clients?

I see most of my clients in their office – I cover City of London, Canary Wharf, SE1 and Central London. Consultations can also be arranged near London Bridge or via Skype.

How do I get started?

Either email me: aksbergnutrition@gmail.com or please call me on: 07961 345 039
where we can discuss your requirement book you in and make it happen.

Sign up for your FREE 30min “Health, energy and stress assessment” TODAY!
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