Health Transformation – 6 to 12 months

Where you are at?

You struggle finding the right diet that works for you. You have tried everything but nothing works. You need hands on help and guidance on what to eat when you are at work, travelling and at home. Your energy levels are low and your stress levels are high. You have noticed that this has reduced your productivity at work and that you haven’t got enough energy to do all the things you would like to do. You may also have other health issues that would benefit by a change of diet and lifestyle.

The problems you have right now?

You need continues support and help to find the food choices to improve your health and overall wellness. As you have tried everything and nothing seems to work your need expert guidance and hands on support. You know that you must be able to do something about this but don’t know what and what would be most beneficial for you. You need help to get rid of the bloating and indigestion and would like to identify which foods that are causing these issues. You might have other health issues that you need help and support with. You want to make a change, you are committed and you know that there is no quick fix.

What you need help with right now

You need help now to make a change. You need a thorough review of your current eating habits and food intake to understand what changes are required. You need ongoing advice and support on how to implement the changes. You need help when travelling; help when eating at restaurants, help with recipes and hints and tips. You need someone to help you with your motivation to make required changes. You need someone to help you to keep you on track with ongoing support.

The package that will suit you best is the Health Transformation.

The Health Transformation program is our exclusive 6 months to one 12 months’ program depending on your requirements. The program is designed to focus on bespoke food and lifestyle recommendations to suit very busy professionals. We will tailor the program to fit into your busy schedule, and provide ongoing support weekly or daily to make sure you are on track. This program will transform your eating habits for life. The program is designed to support optimal health and future good health.

The programme is specifically designed for those that want to:

  • Be full of energy every day!
  • Know which foods are best for me and what to choose when I’m:
  • Travelling
  • How to eat when crossing time zones to reduce jet lag and support my body throughout the time changes
  • Going to restaurants – menu help
  • Improve my concentration and memory
  • Optimise my productivity and potential at work and at home
  • Achieve optimal health now and in the future

The Health Transformation program consists of

  • Initial consultation – 60min (face to face or Skype)
  • Monthly review of goals and symptoms
  • Monthly adjustments to personalised food and lifestyle recommendations – 30min (Skype or face to face)
  • Weekly check-up calls: 10min (Skype or telephone)
  • Daily personal accountability support – email
  • Personalised meal plans
  • 2 vitamin D tests
  • Restaurant menu analysis and recommendations
  • Weekly food diary analysis
  • Highly personalised food and lifestyle recommendations
  • Continues support and adaptation of food and lifestyle plan
  • A customised supplement program (if applicable)
  • Functional test recommendations and interpretation (if applicable)

You also have an opportunity to add MyDNAHealth test to your program:

Why do I recommend DNA testing?

We can’t change our genes but we can influence the gene expression, the process where information from a gene’s DNA sequence is translated into a substance, like a protein, that is used in the cell’s structure or function. Factors such as food and lifestyle have a great impact on our gene expression. This is a fantastic test for those who like to support themselves for future optimal health.

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