My Clients Say

“I was working in an office where they were serving really bad food and lots of fizzy drinks. I used to drink a lot of diet coke and ate badly when I was stressed or on the road… Seeing Anna-Karin was a very positive experience… I now know how to avoid junk food especially when travelling, I have lots more energy and know how to avoid and reduce stress”

Ulrika, 40

Managing Director

“Having a 30min consultation with Anna-Karin really gave me a kick start into changing my eating habits…I have lots of energy and I feel so much better”

Megan, 40

Company Founder in PR and communications

“Since I started my consultations with Anna-Karin my energy levels have improved massively… I feel healthier and I have learnt so much about food and health. I feel confident about my health and what to eat now”

Mathilda, 20

Content Manager

“Before seeing Anna-Karin I was eating a mix of healthy, and not that healthy food. I suffered from fatigue and recurring headaches. I was afraid that the diet was going to be complicated and not being allowed an occasional treat. Working with Anna-Karin has been easy, she considered, my expectations and reservations. I now enjoy eating healthy and I think about food differently.”

Marie, 38

Corporate Receptionist

“I was desperate before seeing Anna-Karin; other dieticians had refused to work with me because I was already on a low-calorie diet. However, Anna-Karin understood my concerns about food and being in control. Anna-Karin provided me with the tools I needed. I am so grateful for the help, the result and that I’m now eating so much more and my weight is in control.”

Oxana, 35

AVP, Compliance

“Anna-Karin’s knowledge is impressive and she is very supportive and helpful. Anna-Karin helped me to reduce my weight from 84kg to 78kg. I’m now much more productive, my cravings are gone, I have energy and have no energy slumps in the afternoon.”

William, 50


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